Frequently Asked Questions

Because we fight so frequently, my partner does not think therapy can help. What should I do?

That's the case for many couples. I am here to support both of you equally. I work with you in real time on the challenges that prohibit you from feeling truly secure with each other. If your partner has any questions or concerns prior to coming in for your first appointment, please have him or her call me.

We have never been in therapy together. What can we expect?

The idea of going into therapy is intimidating for many people. You might find yourself feeling scared and hopeless at this time. Many people report a sense of relief and hope after their first session.You will have a safe environment in which to begin exploring the issues that have hindered you from having the kind of relationship you want. I prefer to have an initial 2-hour intake session and 90-minute subsequent sessions.

We seem to have it all - great jobs, good kids, solid friends - but why do I feel so dissatisfied in my relationship?

Relationships require consistent, positive actions to thrive, just as do jobs, kids, friends, and so on. Many couples question the state of their relationship without having done the work to generate the connection both desire.Couple therapy allows you to learn the skills with which you can create a more meaningful and nourishing relationship.

How long will therapy take?

Your relationship is unique to you and your partner, and I approach each couple's dynamics on a case-by-case basis. Some couples' issues can be addressed within a few sessions. Others require many more sessions. It depends on how long it takes for both partners to feel confident in their new changes in their relationship. It is common after the initial work to need tune-ups from time to time. Life constantly hands us new challenges that can usesome professional help. Think of me as your internist who helps you during times of stress, or when you're good and going for the gold.

How do you work?

I draw heavily on my training in the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT). I work with you and your partner in real time in the therapy room to reveal habit patterns that are working and patterns that are causing suffering. I tune into the moment-to-moment changes in your and your partner's facial expressions, body postures, gestures and movements, and speech patterns. Bringing awareness to these shifts will give you both more control over the reactivity and defensiveness that can disrupt your rapport. I videotape our sessions so we can examine subtle and important exchanges between the two of you that might otherwise go undetected. I encourage you to bring the difficult issues you are experiencing into the session so I can help you explore and work through them.

Do you work with other issues besides relationships?

Yes, I am highly trained to help you deal with issues of anxiety, depression, ADHD, grief, and trauma. Although I specialize in working with couples, I also love to work with individuals and families.

What if I have more questions?

I am here to help. Please call me at (323) 960-5500

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